Richard Stallman Uses The Internet His Own Way

I am careful in how I use the Internet.

I generally do not connect to web sites from my own machine, aside from a few sites I have some special relationship with. I fetch web pages from other sites by sending mail to a program (seegit://[1] ) that fetches them, much like wget, and then mails them back to me. Then I look at them using a web browser, unless it is easy to see the text in the HTML page directly. I usually try lynx first, then a graphical browser if the page needs it (but I make sure I have no net connection, so that it won’t fetch anything else).

I also browse from other people’s computers, with their permission. Since I don’t identify myself to the sites I visit, this browsing can’t be connected with me.

One consequence of this method is that most of the survellance methods used on the Internet can’t see me.

Another consequence is that I never pay for anything on the Web. Anything on the net that requires payment, I don’t do. (I made an exception for the fees for the domain, since that is connected with me anyway.)

I would not mind paying for a copy of an e-book or music recording on the Internet if I could do so anonymously, and it were ethical in other ways (no DRM or EULA). But that option almost never exists. I keep looking for ways to make it happen.

His experience is just so different the average user’s. I deeply respect and appreciate his relentless work on privacy, I just wonder how close he is to the average user  and how he can understand the infinite nuances of the media if he is eventually exposed to a very limited and filtered amount of information.

Richard Stallman Uses The Internet His Own Way

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